Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I've never seen any Sherlockian stationery goods, have you?

I'm a stationery fanatic so of course it makes sense to combine two of my obsessions in life to find Sherlock Holmes themed stationery goods. Since I can't seem to find any Sherlockian themed get-well cards, I made my own for Microsoft Publisher. It uses copyrighted images, so feel free to download this one for free.

 I made this one because one of my Sherlockian friends in my scion had been receiving serious medical treatment. Feel free to send prayers and good wishes his way.

You can download my card by clicking on this sentence!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday special

So usually I keep my posts to scion meetings and Sherlockian gatherings, because this is a gossip blog, after all. However, I felt encouraged to post this after some discussion and it's something I plan to present to the real-life (as opposed to virtual) public sometime this fall.

It's sort of an essay/script I wrote about Sherlock Holmes and medicine, or more specifically, Holmesian methods as applied to pharmacy.

Read under the cut!