Friday, October 3, 2014

September movie night

I'm a bit late on posting this one, but I assure you...the movie night happened!
We all gathered at my college's lecture hall to watch the movies on the big screen.
Four of us were there at the September movie night, which made for a nice, intimate party.

We had a variety of food, which included popcorn, lemonade, water, cookies, grapes, and cheese puffs. Not very Sherlockian, but still delicious.

We started off by watching Sherlock Hound, episode 1: A Small Client. Sherlock Hound is a Hayao Miyazaki adaptation of the Holmes stories. You can watch it on youtube.

Pictured to the left is the small client and Scottish Terrier Watson.

You may notice that the plot bears a great deal of resemblance to the story, The Engineer's Thumb. These stories are all so amusing that even if they don't follow the stories that you can still see the influence and enjoy them. This adaptation gets Lestrade absolutely right.

The other movie we chose to watch is Scarlet Claw (1944). Rathbone is personally my favorite Holmes because he is so dreamy. Seriously, all of these Holmes movies just have this dreamy, surreal- almost nightmarish feeling. We all enjoyed this one. It was as spooky as the devil.