Tuesday, April 8, 2014

221B Con report- Friday

This past weekend I went to the Sherlock Holmes fan convention, 221B Con in sunny Atlanta, Georgia.

I submitted an application to do a panel on Professor Moriarty, Napoleon of Crime and had the privilege of speaking along with Eddy Webb, Marilynne McKay, and Mark Alberstat on Friday.

There's me in the purple, my literal Violet Hunter outfit.

From left to right- me, Eddy, Mark, and Marilynn as Mrs. Hudson (Modern PBS) Photo credit belongs to JoAnn Alberstat

It was an excellent discussion; nobody walked out during the panel, and nobody looked bored longer than two minutes.

Mark had research that he presented regarding the connection between Simon Newcomb, a Canadian astronomer and Moriarty. The researched discussed the actual Dynamics of an Asteroid and the similarities between the star-gazing genius and the flip side of this criminal mastermind character.

Eddy and Marilynn discussed these interesting discrepancies about Moriarty and his character. The audience knows little about him, and thus the canon is so open to interpretation. Whether he was just a figment of imagination or a real villain, we are free to speculate. On that topic, we had a rousing discussion with the audience regarding Moriarty's character and how much is explicitly stated in the canon, as well as theories on why the Professor and his siblings are all named James.

I presented the topic of Adam Worth and a quiz on Moriarty. 

Apparently my Moriarty quiz was so difficult that the highest score was a 9/15!

I awarded a copy of "The Life and Times of Adam Worth, Napoleon of Crime" and a copy of "Moriarty Lives" by Dynamite Comics. I highly recommended both.

The Three Patch Podcast had set up a suite where convention attendees could sit down, relax, have a chat and some snacks, so I went up for a bit to say hello to everyone and see what was going on.

There was a tea party later on which sponsored by Cara McGee. She is "famous" for her fandom teas, most notably her Sherlock ones which you can buy on Adagio. Her teas have convinced me of the obsession that we Sherlockians have for all and any Sherlock merchandise. The teas are more or less an anthropomorphism of tea ingredients extrapolated to the character's personality. As my dear reader can probably guess, it has little canonical basis- canon of the ACD stories or otherwise. For example, Molly Hooper = sweet and gentle = dewy cherry + chamomile? Anyway. I am guilty of trying the teas at the party and I recommend the "Mycroft Holmes" blend, "Lestrade", and "Red Pants". It's a steep price for tea, but I suppose if you like Cara's artwork enough, having the tin as well as the tea might make the shebang worth it.

It was a fun party though. The servers were all in costume, and were serving respective teas of their character. DI Lestrade had a fetching ivory fascinator that I'm sure garnered lots of compliments. Some of the tables had games like Clue, or Reichenbach Fall Jenga.

My tea party table
Photo credit belongs to the Fangirl Feminist 

We got this free sample of tea in our swag bag and mine was titled "Newt Gingrich" or something like that and it tasted exactly like what I expected a liquid newt would taste like. We can't win them all, I suppose.

Speaking of winning, I sat at a table with three people costumed as dinosaurs in tuxedos (no, seriously, their costumes were dinosaurs in tuxedos. See the picture below), and they were talking about the chances of winning something. One girl dinosaur sighed, "I'm not going to win anything!" I scolded her, "Don't say things like that! Now that it's out in the open, you've just predicted your own future!" So a guy dinosaur, trying to be funny, exclaimed, "Well I'm totally going to win the next raffle!" Sure enough, he did win the next item. I totally called it.

See, there really was a trio of dinosaurs!

Your faithful chronicler,