Tuesday, April 8, 2014

221B Con report- Saturday

Most of my time on Saturday was spent in the dealer's room and talking to other people, so I didn't get to go to many panels. It was so much rewarding getting to meet both new friends and see old ones. I saw a lot more older Sherlockians this year as opposed to last year. It's a great thing that people who love Holmes range from all ages and walks of life.

One of the concerns that came up with some people I talked to were about mingling with people of a different generation is how to bridge the gap. Newer people who may have gotten into the great detective stories via the Cumberbatch Holmes love our alternate interpretations and internet memes like tuna!lock and ballet!lock and Alpha/Omega dynamics and those of us who aren't on Tumblr or AO3 look at it and it just looks like a chimera of weird stuff. Case in point, the many cosplays:

This is a chimera of different versions where any given characteristic about Sherlock Holmes can be altered. In this version, I can only suppose that the many universes collapsed and the nebulous big bang formed a creature both beautiful and grotesque. It looks like a combination of tuna!lock, Hogwarts!Holmes, ballet!lock, tentacle!lock, pirate!lock, and faun!lock. The cosplayer claimed there were 11 different versions merged in this one costume, so I'm missing some.

This is the Guy Ritche Holmes. I saw this duo last year.

The cast of Young Sherlock Holmes. Too cute

The wedding party

John Rance from "A Study in Scarlet". I thought her description in the costume contest was the funniest.

Classic Holmes. Obviously, we are the best Sherlockian adaptation.

This fusion was so interesting. It was a Victorian version of the BBC Sherlock series. Pictured here is John, Sherlock, and Mycroft.

These are just a few, but I tried to include  recognizable ones from the given series. There was one girl from the Great Mouse Detective movie, but I failed to recognize the costume at the time. There were many Janines, but mostly a lot of alternate universe interpretations of Sherlock like the tuna!lock.

Winter (bamfinacuddlyjumper.tumblr.com) always does a clever John Watson costume. Last year she pasted words onto her face as "sherlock's deductions Watson" and this year she had a "I don't shave for Sherlock Watson"
This is her, engaged in a battle with Watson's moustache. Photocredit: reluctantabandon.tumblr.com

There was a costume contest and it was fun to see all the different costumes. I didn't win with my Basil Rathbone costume, but I suppose that's what you get for trying to enter a prize-winning pie twice. Maybe next time. There was a man in the audience- I have no idea what his name was or what his costume was, but he had this puppet vulture or some other kind of bird with a long neck and large wings. He kept making the bird clap during the show and as I passed the man and his pet to compliment the costume I couldn't help but address the bird instead of the puppet master.

I did get to go to the viewing room and watch some movies. I watched some episodes of  Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and it's so ridiculous that I love it. To me, it's an existential crisis in a cute kid's show and to someone else, it's the most weirdly accurate adaptation of the canon. Take of that what you will (Should I show this at the next movie night? Haha). I also got to watch Without a Clue in which the premise is that Holmes is an idiot and Watson is the true genius but nobody recognizes it. It's hilarious, and I'm convinced it is the one true interpretation of the canon. (just kidding. maybe.)

I also got to meet one of the guests, Daniel Corey who wrote for the graphic novel, Moriarty. He autographed three things for me and we took a picture together! FYI, Moriarty is about a world in which Moriarty survived Reichenbach Falls and claws his way back up. Moriarty is very much an Anti-Holmes in which he also possesses the power of deduction and has the same personality, but is an evil Holmes. It's for the specific taste of a person who generally loves superhero and action comics, with a mild Sherlockian flavor. Take it as a stand-alone series rather than an extension of the canon.

Last year I went to a few panels but they didn't entertain me very much, I guess because I wasn't as familiar with the canon as I am now or as knowledgeable. So I didn't try to go to as many this year. Next year, if I can go, I will surely go to more panels and host more also.

I went to see Extraordinary Contraptions at night, which is a steampunk type rock band.

They were pretty good and sang about weird stuff.

Thus concludes my night. At least, on the convention floor. ;-)