Friday, April 18, 2014

April Sherlock Holmes movie night

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Tonight I had a special thing planned. Since this weekend was super busy, I decided to give out special party favors for everyone who was willing to show up.

No, these aren't really cocaine syringes. Real cocaine formulations don't even come in this strength anymore, or syringes for that matter. (Take it from someone who has spent a lot of time looking at narcotic formulations ;-)) They're actually labeled pens! Cocaine truly is blue in solution form, and so I made sure to get blue syringes. 

Today we actually got through three movies. Here is our list:

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. This made lots of canon references and references to other Sherlock adaptations. Kids will love this, since it's Tom and Jerry. However, I felt that Moriarty was the most relatable. "But it worked on paper!" I feel you, Professor Moriarty, I really do.

Peter Cushing's Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Quite good, and moved with an interesting pace. 
Russian Sherlock Holmes episode 1. I'm pretty sure we were all (one female and two males) in agreement that Holmes is  hottie. 

We really liked all three of them. 

This was on the menu:

Iced Moriar-tea
A Study in Scarlet Velvet Cupcakes
Adventure of the Red Circles

And I put a progress picture of the labels I made. 

I'm still deciding on the next one, but I hope to see you in May!